Now days people want to eat Eggless cake rather than old cake which contain eggs.

This is the easiey way one can make Eggless Cake at home

Some of the Ingredients of making Eggless Cake at Home :

Two cup of Maida

200 ml of Baking Soda

Vanilla essence 1.5 Tea Spoon

One Cup Milk

Half Cup Amul Butter

One Cup Of Sugar

Baking Powder one Teaspoon Only

Eggless Vanilla Cake Recipe

1. Put the Maida with Baking Powder in a utensil and mix it well. And In another vessel put Amul butter and sugar and shake it till it turns fluffy.

2. Now add vanilla essence in it. Put the milk on it and beat it. After this add the flour in it making sure no lumps are formed

3. Now Mix all the ingredients and beat it hard.

4. Now bake the utensil upto 30 minutes at the temperature 180 degree.

5. After that microwave the item for few minutes (4-5) minutes.

6. Check the cake by inserting Tooth Pick in it. If the Tooth Pick is Dry, you are done with your cake

or if it is moist you need to microwave it for few more minutes

You can decorate the cake with the delute chocolate or with some fruits.

Your cake is now ready to serve

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